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Guest lecture within its esteemed Law Department

Amid an air of intellectual anticipation, F.S. University orchestrated a captivating guest lecture within its esteemed Law Department. The distinguished Advocate Satendra Singh, a luminary of the High Court, took center stage. The event commenced with a reverential garlanding of the statue of Saraswati ji, symbolizing the pursuit of knowledge.

In a discourse that resonated with the essence of legal enlightenment, Advocate Satendra Singh eloquently expounded upon the imperative for every individual to possess a comprehensive grasp of the law. With unwavering conviction, he underscored the pivotal role of timely amendments within the recent Indian Evidence Act and Criminal Procedure Code, aptly highlighting the onus on the Central Government to enact these changes.

The lecture, a symphony of erudition and advocacy, left an indelible mark on all attendees, serving as a reminder that legal literacy is not merely an option but an essential facet of an informed society.


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