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School of Pharmacy

 Institute of Pharmacy FS University  



Recognized as a science-driven and clinically focused area, Pharmacy is a discipline that combines a wide range of scientific concepts which are critical to the discovery and development of new drugs and therapies.

Ranked among the best pharmacy colleges in Uttar Pradesh, UIPS has deliberately framed exclusive academic model considering the trends occurring in varied domains of field, including drug discovery, clinical trials, marketing, administration, etc. Multifaceted expert faculty, global exposure, research-oriented teaching pedagogy and high-tech infra-facilities caters our students with scientific and research capabilities, essential to become world-class pharmacists or scientists.


Our Placement Highlights

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Experiential Learning
Industry Aligned
Research Oriented
Clinically Driven

After completing this programme, graduates of the program are able to

  • Being an integral member of the healthcare team responsible for outcomes associated with medication use process
  • Educating patients & healthcare professionals on the safe use of medication.
  • Developing & conducting research on medication use & patient safety.
  • Explain & utilize principles of health & wellness as appropriate to the provision of specific individuals & populations health & wellness information.
Key Highlights
  • Accurately dispense medications.
  • Explain and properly dispense commonly used medications, formulations & drug product.
  • Demonstrate appropriate ethical and professional behavior & comply with all federal, state & local laws related to pharmacy practice.
  • Participate in continuous quality improvement projects to assess medication use properly.
  • Discovers, develops, produces & Markets drugs or Phrmaceutical drugs for use as medications to be administered to patients.
  • Discover new knowledge to improve the lives of others though high impact research & provide outstanding research training in areas core to the college.
  • Stimulate a culture that promotes diversity of thought & lifelong learning.
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It is easy to get a thousand prescriptions, but hard to get one single remedy.” — Chinese Proverb

Pharmacy plays a vital role in the overall healthcare sector. In the evolved pharmacy industry, a professional must have management capabilities and computational skills along with core technical knowledge. The pharmacy industry is rapidly moving towards being a high technology-driven one. Scientists are using more and more technology to predict the future of healthcare and thus the pharmacy industry ought to move along.

There is no doubt about the fact that the scope of pharmacy is very bright across the globe. The situation is such that one can live without food for a day or two. But in case of illness immediate relief is needed to survive.