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The library is the heart of academic and research excellence at FS University – our extensive library system. Serving as the backbone of our institution’s intellectual pursuits, our libraries are meticulously designed to support teaching, learning, and innovative research endeavors across various disciplines.

Spanning over 5000 square meters and strategically located within different academic blocks, our libraries are easily accessible to students and faculty members, minimizing the need for unnecessary movement across campus. With ample seating arrangements, our libraries can accommodate approximately 500 readers at a time, providing a conducive environment for focused study and collaboration.


FS University Library

Dedicated to meeting the scholastic needs of our engineering and technology community, our library boasts a vast collection of publications covering a diverse array of subjects. From Computer Science and Information Technology to Civil Engineering, Biotechnology, Mathematics, Physics, Materials Science, Electronics, Electrical Engineering, and Communication Engineering – our comprehensive collection ensures that learners have access to the latest research findings, reference materials, and academic resources.

In addition to technical subjects, our library also houses collections in Humanities and Social Sciences, catering to the interdisciplinary nature of modern education and research. Moreover, we take pride in curating a selection of books focused on competitive examinations and general reading, fostering a culture of continuous learning and personal enrichment among our students and faculty members.

At FS University, our library isn’t just a repository of books; it’s a dynamic hub of knowledge dissemination, intellectual exploration, and scholarly discourse. Come discover the boundless opportunities that await you within our library walls as you embark on your academic and research journey with us.