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FS School of  Management

University School of Business ranked among the Best Management Colleges in Uttar Pradesh has earned recognition for its unique style of teaching & experiential learning. The attribute that makes learning business management exclusive at USB is its specialized approach paired with a research focus, innovation culture and entrepreneurship zeal backed by world-class facilities.


Recognizing high standing among the best B-School in Uttar Pradesh, various top-notch companies have collaborated with us to have the best industry-sponsored courses and lab facilities.


India’s evolution as an emerging economic powerhouse is proving to be fertile ground for MBA graduates because it is easier to navigate unstructured markets with a structured mind. Companies are constantly looking to expand in India and other such emerging economies, and they need professionals trained in business and management to give direction to their growth.


Our Placement Highlights

Explore your interests in greater depth and enhance your set of skills with
the most in-demand specialization programs.

Experiential Learning
Industry Aligned
Research Oriented
Clinically Driven

After completing this programme, graduates of the program are able to

  •  To train his faculties.
  •  To widen his outlook.
  •  To cultivate his mind.
  •  To form and strength his character.
  •  To develop and cultivate his aesthetic faculty.
  •  To build up his body and give him health and strength.
  •  To teach his duty to himself, the community and the state.
Key Highlights
  • Everything you need to know about the schools of management thought. Many experts and specialists from different disciplines have given various approaches of management, also called schools of management thought.

    The various approaches to the study of management has propounded by specialist from different disciplines have come to be called schools of management thought.

    All these thoughts are ba­sically different point of views or guidelines regarding man­agement which enables the managers to achieve their orga­nizational goals easily and effectively.


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“When you have the ambition, you are not limited by the resources — ambition is the single most important ingredient for success as it overrides both talent and resources. Ambition can lead anyone to triumph, regardless of what is put in front of them,”

 (Sanjiv Mehta –  the Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director of Hindustan Unilever Limited)


Every company or organisation wants is to earn profits from the business they run. For running their business successfully and earning profits in the best possible way, companies require skilled professionals. These professionals, a.k.a. managers, supervise the whole department they are in charge of and look after the smooth movement of the overall infrastructure of the department. They work towards achieving the best results and maximum profits for the company and providing the best solutions to problems that occur. As management lies at the centre of all companies

The future scope of management is continuously growing. The management sector consists of several departments, which each carry equal importance. Any one of these sectors can be chosen to have a fulfilling and rewarding career in the management sector.